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2 in 1
men shampoo & body wash

Peppermint extract, lemon and rosemary oil

Energizing mix of lemon and peppermint refreshes, removes dirt and bacteria and helps to maintain skin health. Rosemary improves circulation and encourages hair growth. Great formula for everyday shower and post-gym cleanse! Read more…


After shave balm

Aloe extract, tea tree oil, peppermint extract & menthol

Recover your post-shave skin! Aloe extract moisturizes skin and calms redness. Anti-bacterial tea tree oil helps to prevent razor bumps. Cooling mix of peppermint and menthol makes your skin feeling calmed and fresh. Alcohol-free, lightweight and non-greasy formula suits every skin type. Read more…


Beard cream.

Coconut oil, beeswax and wheat proteins

The hair on your face requires even more care than the hair on your head. Coconut oil moisturizes and prevents skin under the beard from the peeling. Beeswax gives the beard a light hold, making hair more manageable and smooth. Wheat proteins restore hair structure, which gives the beard a well-groomed look.

Like A Boss

2 in 1
energizing shower & shampoo

Seaweed extract and aloe extract

Seaweed improves blood circulation in the scalp, which helps to strengthen the roots and prevent hair loss. Aloe vera is a biogenic stimulant, it activates the healing of skin and accelerates the natural processes in the body. There are no barriers on your way! Read more…


Daily face moisturizer for men.

Macadamia oil, sage extract and rosehip extract

Stereotypes are in the past – a true gentleman is always fresh and takes care of his face. Macadamia oil moisturizes and relieves irritation. Sage works as an antibacterial agent. It cleanses the skin and absorbs excess oil, reducing breakouts. Rosehip extract contains vitamin C, which has an antioxidant effect, tones and keeps the complexion healthy.


Men shampoo bar for hair, body and beard

Charcoal, bergamot oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil

The best for guys who like to wash from head to toe with one shampoo. Charcoal deeply cleanses the skin and hair from dust, dirt, sweat and excess sebum. Bergamot oil has an antibacterial effect, relieves itching, prevents dandruff and soothes the skin. Cocoa butter and coconut oil nourish and soften dry hair and skin.

My Beard My Rules

Beard butter

The blend of 9 natural oils and butters nourishes and moisturizes skin, stimulates the growth of strong hair and simplifies the process of beard styling. Tea tree oil has a bactericidal property. Read more…