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Color booster for blondes

Violet pigments, lemon & grapefruit peel oil, argan oil

You are holding the perfect finisher for bright blond hair. Violet pigments combat unwanted yellow and orange tones. Brightening citrus complex illuminates hair and removes dullness. Argan oil hydrates and helps to repair damaged hair.

Blonde With Brains

Shampoo for blond hair

Lemon saves your blond hair from unwanted yellow shade. Sweet honey is full of essential nutrients which feed your hair from root to the very end. Read more…

Blonde With Brains

Balm for blond hair

Lemon saves hair from unwanted yellow shade. Honey nourishes your hair from root to the very end. Precious jojoba oil is quickly absorbed and it immediately moisturizes the hair. Silk proteins smooth damaged hair and give them a beautiful natural shine. Hair balm works perfectly with the shampoo for blonde hair. Hair becomes soft, silky and easy to brush. Read more…


Gift set for hair

There is nothing to add to it, nothing to take from it.
Enjoy your (or your friend’s) perfect blond!

Blond with Brains shampoo for blond hair
Blond with Brains balm for blond hair
Trendy Blondie purple mask for blond hair
50 Shades of Blond color booster for blondes
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Purple mask for blond hair

argan oil, jojoba oil & cocoa butter Read more…