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Foot Bath

Dry milk, tea tree oil and Siberian fir oil

Your feet deserve a beach vacation! Or at least home made foot bath. Milk softens rough skin. Tea tree oil and Siberian fir oil have antiseptic and deodorant effects. Read more…

Hocus Focus Cream

Ultra nourishing foot cream

With avocado oil, cocoa butter and urea. Very nutritious avocado contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and beneficial fatty acids. Natural cocoa butter nourishes, moisturizes and protects. And most importantly: the cream contains 20% urea! Twen-ty, Karl! It means feet will definitely be moisturized and you’ll have dry heels no more. Read more…

Sharm Berry

“Immerse yourself in a world of radiance with Sharm Berry cream to give your skin a luxurious glow and silky softness!
This cream is a true beauty elixir infused with sweet almond and coconut oil. The cream applies beautifully, leaving the skin silky and smooth.
The delicate fragrance that leaves a pleasant memory on the skin and the weightless silkiness make each application a real pleasure.
Powerful ingredients such as raspberry extract, cranberry extract and redcurrant extract take care of the skin, making it healthy and giving it a pleasant glow.

Shine, creates a sparkling effect that emphasises the natural beauty for the skin.”