We are environmentally responsible brand

Eco-friendly approach

Plastic packaging is a major issue in the modern world. The biggest problem is that plastic decomposes for more than 100 years! Luckily we can reduce our impact and make planet less polluted. We use only recyclable packaging and avoid packaging at all where it is possible. To promote recycling and make the life of our customers easier together with the Siberika stores in Latvia we collect any 3 empty plastic packaging from Beauty Jar product and exchange them for a free gift.The only requirement is to hand in clean and empty packaging.

We reduce our carbon footprint

Most of our cosmetics is handmade. It means you won’t find industrial machinery which consumes huge amounts of electricity. Ingredients which are used in our cosmetics are mainly bought in Latvia and closest territories. In addition recently we united production area and storage in one Beauty Jar headquater in Riga. All those actions help to reduce logistics and usage of the cars.

What you can start doing to join Go Green lifestyle

  • The best option is to have reusable shopper bag. We have branded shopper which is both stylish and convenient to bring with you.

  • Car is not the only method of travelling. As a bonus: additional movement will improve your health.

  • A lot of boxes can have second life as storage for different little things.

  • For at least one week try an experiment and pay attention to everything you throw away . You will be amazed how much packaging we use just to bring food home. For example, you can avoid using plastic bags to weight fruits and vegetables or you can bring your own containers and shop at package free stores.

  • It doesn’t mean you should stop buying things at all, just before the purchase ask yourself: “Is it really what I need and want? Will I really be using this thing?” It will help to save your money, avoid clogged space in the home, throw away less and not to be a hostage of blind consumption.

What will you choose?
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