You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

  • No! Beauty Jar products are not tested on animals and will never be. We conduct testings in vitro and with the help of volunteers.

  • Most of our products are vegan. However some of our products contain non vegan ingredients such as bees wax, propolis, silk proteins.

  • SLS and SLES sound similar that’s why they are often confused with each other. However one is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and the other one is Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES). The main difference is that SLES has bigger moleculas, doesn’t affect protective barrier and doesn’t irritate skin. Anyhow to avoid misunderstandings and to make formulas even more gentle we have started to switch to a Sodium Coco Sulfate. This surfactant is made of coconut oil and allowed to use in natural cosmetics by strict Cosmos Standard even in kids toiletries.

  • All active components are the same but for the jars we made more concentrated formula. It makes products thicker and easier to use due to the wide jar’s neck. And as a nice bonus of it — products in jars have more economical consumption.

  • Oh, no, right the opposite! It shows that scrub is based on the butters and oils and is packed with nourishing components for your skin. There are usually two types of scrubs: water-based and oil-based. The oil base is very appealing for its naturalness. Scrubbing particles exfoliate the top layer of the skin, and the mixture of oils and butters immediately nourishes and moisturizes. However, sugar and salt are heavier than oils and tend to sink down due to rules of physics. Oils in opposite rise to the surface and that’s why you can see it when you open a jar. To restore scrub’s even consistency you just need to mix it. However, some customers prefer a lighter texure which why we have a choice of scrubs which also contain butters and oils but have a lighter texture.

  • Cellulite Killer’s main goal is to fight cellulite. Scrub contains ginger powder, which is well-known for its warming effect. It naturally stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow in the problematic areas. This promotes break down of fats, detox, outflow of excess fluid, improves skin elasticity and provides a lifting effect. That’s why when applying the scrub your skin can have redness and burning sensation. Usually after rinsing with water it all go away in 15-30 mins depending on the skin type. However, some people could have personal intolerance to the natural components. That’s why before using the scrub we suggest to do a test: apply scrub as usual but to the inner side of a forearm and rinse with water. Monitor the skin’s reaction throughout the day. If there are no signs of allergy, then the product can be used.

  • After we receive empty packaging from our cusomers we collect it in our storage and send to the reprocessing plant where plastic is given the second life.

  • At the moment we are selling Beauty Jar products in XX countries.

  • Please contact our export team at export@beautyjar.eu

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