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Color booster for blondes

Violet pigments, lemon & grapefruit peel oil, argan oil
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Blonde With Brains

Balm for blond hair

Lemon saves hair from unwanted yellow shade. Honey nourishes your hair from root to the very end. Precious jojoba oil is quickly absorbed and it immediately moisturizes the hair. Silk proteins smooth damaged hair and give them a beautiful natural shine. Hair balm works perfectly with the shampoo for blonde hair. Hair becomes soft, silky and easy to brush. Read more…



Hair balm

For everyday volume. Bravo, avocado! Super fruit is packed with vitamins which nourish hair and brings back hair elasticity and vitality. Do not lose your head over argan oil, put it on your head instead! It is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E. Olive oil nourishes hair bulbs and stimulates healthy hair growth. The hair balm nourishes hair without weighting it down, gives them softness and beautiful shine! Read more…



Solid hair conditioner “moisture”

Coconut oil, seaweed extract and sage extract

Coconut oil is a real superstar among oils. Due to its rich composition, it moisturizes hair and reduces breakage. Sage has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the scalp from irritation and improve overall hair condition. Seaweed helps to restore healthy shine to hair. Read more…


Keratin hair spray

Keratin, silk & wheat proteins
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Regenerating hair oil for split ends

7 botanical oils
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Oops…I Did It Again

Hair balm

Hair balm for color-treated and damaged hair. During coloration hair is affected by chemicals, resulting in a loss of healthy appearance. Floral nectar nourishes and hydrates dry hair. Peony improves hair’s damaged structure. Keratin makes hair stronger and protects during next coloring. Argan oil contains fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants due to which hair becomes smooth, shiny and easy to style. Read more…



Solid hair conditioner “repair & strength”

Castor oil, cocoa butter and panthenol

Castor oil is a natural source of fatty acids and vitamin E. It helps bring dry hair back to life, repairs split ends and can even prevent dandruff thanks to its antibacterial properties. Cocoa butter has antioxidant properties and protects hair from harmful UV rays. Panthenol prevents hair damage and makes hair stronger. Read more…