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Nourishing body scrub

With shea and cocoa butter. Prepare to experience true bliss! Natural mix of salt and sugar gently exfoliates the skin, making it soft and velvety. Nutritional champions, shea and cocoa butter, penetrate into the skin, moisturizing and saturating it with vitamins. Read more…


Sea Kissed

Rejuvenating body and face scrub

Sea salt is organic “skin-lifter” and “wrinkles-smoother”. Coconut oil can be used in 58 different ways but the most traditional one is for skin moisturizing. Read more…


Second Chance

Eyebrow growth oil complex

Coconut oil, jasmine oil, castor oil.

Eyebrow growth oil complex is a necessity if your eyebrows are thin by nature or if once you overdid the plucking. The most effective is castor oil, it strengthens the roots and forces the hair to grow. Coconut and almond oils nourish eyebrow hair, making it strong and thick. Read more…


See You Later, Oilygator!

Facial cleansing oil

For combination and oily skin. With grape seed oil, tea tree and jasmine oil.

Hydrophilic oil (cleansing oil) gently cleanses skin of impurities and removes make-up. Upon contact with water, the oil turns into a light emulsion and is completely washed off, leaving no greasy residue. Grape seed oil does not clog pores and makes skin silky. Tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic and copes with inflammation. Jasmine oil refreshes and tones the skin.
Read more…


Sex Bomb

Bath bomb

MMM…I LIKE YOU. Bath bomb with sweet almond oil and poppy seeds. Read more…


Shake Your Milkshake

Glycerin soap

With strawberry cream aroma. Read more…


Shine Like A Diamond

Shimmering body cream

With pomegranate and vanilla extracts, almond and coconut oils.

A little party never hurt anyone! Cream has the perfect amount of glitter to add a luxurious glow to the skin. A natural duet of coconut and almond oils nourishes and erases all traces of dry skin. Vanilla smells like candy and soothes minor irritations. Thanks to antioxidants, pomegranate keeps the skin young and beautiful. Read more…


Signor Tomato

Fresh body scrub

What a smell! It smells like a cherry tomato just picked from the branch. It has antioxidant effect and makes skin soft and moisturized. Basil oil is powerful anti-inflammatory agent, it cleans skin and makes it more even. Sea salt gently exfoliates while coconut oil deeply nourishes. Read more…


Skin Yum

Nourishing face mask

With avocado oil and vitamin E. Yum! Avocado seems to be created by nature specially for nourishing and beautifying the skin – it contains a huge amount of vitamins and beneficial fatty acids. Vitamin E, also known as “beauty vitamin”, is a powerful antioxidant that will slow premature aging and preserve the beauty of the skin. Read more…


Sleeping Beauty

Anti-age night eye balm

Hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract, centella asiatica.

Seaweed extract stimulates collagen production and reduces puffiness. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes and tightens the skin in the eye area. Centella asiatica extract has smoothes fine lines and “erases” traces of fatigue. Read more…


Sleepy Santa

Winter body scrub

With lavender and shea butter. Allow yourself to relax and distract from the fuss. It is these moments of peace that make our life even more beautiful. Salt renews the skin and smoothes its surface. Shea butter nourishes and retains moisture in the skin. Lavender soothes, refreshes and leaves a wonderful aroma. Read more…