About us

Beauty Jar

Bright and natural cosmetics created to make people happy.

Beauty Jar is a natural cosmetics brand that we produce in Latvia – one of the greenest and cleanest countries in Eastern Europe.

Beauty Jar is a natural cosmetics brand that we produce in Latvia – one of the greenest and cleanest countries in Eastern Europe.

We combine natural ingredients, handmade production, eco-friendly approach, surprising products and juicy aromas. All of it is spread over fashionable black jars and easy-to-use bottles.

Just relax and enjoy the moment while we take care of your body and skin!

About us

Beauty Jar: what is important for us?

responsible brand

>90% of natural

No animal

Gentle formulas
without SLS or parabens


Made in

3 main features:

Naturalness: nature works.

Natural ingredients.

Our products are composed of over 90% natural ingredients, free from SLS, SLES, parabens or other things that you do not want to put on your skin.

Hand made.

A big plus of handmade production is attention to all stages and to the quality of raw materials.

Made in Latvia.

All our cosmetics is produced in Latvia – one of the greenest countries in Eastern Europe.

Creativity: time of boring cosmetics has gone.

Bright product.

Naturalness doesn’t have to be boring! Each product has a bright label and its own funny name, which arouses curiosity and a sincere smile among customers with a good sense of humor.

Bright aroma.

Juicy, tasty, wow aroma – this is about us. Strong aroma is a basic characteristic for all our products, it is our way of directly communicating with customers and improving their mood.

New textures.

We often experiment, we are not afraid to try, and as a result we get a unique product. This is especially appreciated by buyers who like to try something new.

Friendliness: good vibes only.

Nature friendly.

During production we don’t use energy-intensive machinery, which helps to limit our carbon footprint. Raw materials are purchased from Europe as much as possible to shorten the logistics path. All Beauty Jar bottles and jars are recyclable.

Animal friendly.

We never test our cosmetics on animals. Most Beauty Jar products are suitable for vegans as well.

People friendly.

We are friendly to people, so we have made high-quality and affordable cosmetics. Our assortment includes more than 200 different products, so everyone can choose something for themselves. We are always open and keep in touch with our customers through social networks.

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