Participation in the spring 2024 Drogas Customer Days.

Participation in the spring 2024 Drogas Customer Days. 1343 1920 BeautyJar

We were delighted to participate in the Spring 2024 Drogas Customer Days.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the organisers and everyone who joined us to create a festive atmosphere and make Drogas Customer Days truly special.

See you next time!

Cosmoprof 2024 Italy

Cosmoprof 2024 Italy 1920 1440 BeautyJar

Beauty Jar annual participation Cosmoprof 2024 Italy

It was another annual Beauty Jar participation in COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 2024 – not just a product presentation event, but an opportunity to immerse in the world of innovation and beauty. We highlight the brand’s philosophy and share our experience with industry leaders. We not only attract new customers, but also develop deeper relationships with existing audiences. Direct booth communication allows us to offer individual solutions to different clients. Our aim is to inspire you to take care of yourself and to show you that beauty is not just about looks, but also about the state of your soul. Participation in COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 2024 is an opportunity to demonstrate our leading position and gain inspiration for new solutions in the cosmetics industry.

Beauty Jar had an exciting debut at Cosmoprof Hong Kong Asia in November 2023.

Beauty Jar had an exciting debut at Cosmoprof Hong Kong Asia in November 2023. 1600 900 BeautyJar

With support from the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA), our Latvian cosmetic team showcased a beautiful range of products.

Cosmoprof Asia was a significant global beauty trade show, providing an excellent opportunity for Beauty Jar.

We introduced our latest products, established connections with clients worldwide, and allowed the global beauty industry to learn more about us

Review of Our Time at the 2023 BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF

Review of Our Time at the 2023 BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 1600 720 BeautyJar

We’re excited to share the highlights of our experience at the 2023 BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF, where our Latvian cosmetic team, working with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA), displayed a fantastic range of beauty products.

What Happened at the Event:

Beauty Jar, a top Latvian cosmetics brand, was in the spotlight, showing off its newest creations. With strong support from LIAA, our team took the chance to meet potential clients, industry experts, distributors, and beauty fans.

The German market was pleasantly surprised by our diverse and high-quality Latvian cosmetics. Our products made a lasting impression on attendees, grabbing attention for being unique and excellent.

The fair was a lively platform for us to introduce our new products, grow our professional connections, and form partnerships in the beauty industry. We loved connecting with others who share our passion, contributing to the rise and recognition of Latvian cosmetics.

Event-goers got a firsthand look at the charm of Latvian cosmetics. Beauty Jar and the entire Latvian cosmetic production team showcased a beauty revolution, highlighting not just quality and innovation but also a strong commitment to excellence.

Thanks for being part of our journey. Stay tuned for more updates on our latest products and upcoming events.

Beauty Jar shines at Drogas Customer Days: A Recap of Festive Fun! Autumn 2023

Beauty Jar shines at Drogas Customer Days: A Recap of Festive Fun! Autumn 2023 1920 1280 BeautyJar

We’re thrilled to share the success of Beauty Jar’s participation in the autumn season’s Drogas Customer Days! For three fantastic days,

we immersed Drogas customers in an exciting experience filled with engaging presentations, delightful tastings, fabulous giveaways, and a thrilling lottery.

We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who joined us in creating a festive atmosphere and making the Drogas Customer Days truly special.

We eagerly look forward to participating again in the future, bringing more exciting events and beautiful moments to come!

Here’s to many more memorable occasions ahead!


Beauty Jar at COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 2023 661 557 BeautyJar

Beauty Jar’s annual participation in Cosmoprof Italy is a significant event that showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation, client engagement, and industry leadership.

Cosmoprof Italy, being one of the premier beauty and cosmetics trade shows globally, provides Beauty Jar with a unique platform to unveil its latest novelties, connect with clients, and stay at the forefront of the beauty industry.

The participation in Cosmoprof Italy serves as a dynamic avenue for Beauty Jar to present its newest products and innovations to a global audience.

The trade show environment allows the brand to captivate the attention of industry professionals, beauty enthusiasts, and potential clients with the unveiling of cutting-edge formulations, packaging designs, and beauty trends.

Beyond product presentations, the event provides a valuable opportunity for the Beauty Jar team to engage with existing clients, fostering stronger relationships and obtaining firsthand feedback.

The direct interaction with clients allows the brand to understand market preferences, address concerns, and adapt its offerings to meet evolving consumer needs.


Beauty Jar at COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 1080 565 beautyjar

This week Beauty Jar is taking part in the world’s leading beauty trade fair – COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE, held in Bologna (Italy)

For over 50 years, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna has been the leading global event for the professional beauty industry and an international platform for the cosmetics and wellness industries. The Cosmoprof showroom covers the entire BolognaFiere exhibition centre and is dedicated to the various beauty sectors: perfumery and cosmetics, natural products, packaging, equipment, contract manufacturing and raw materials, beauty and spa, hair and nails. The large number of exhibitors, visitors and buyers from abroad year after year turns this event into a proper international meeting place where professionals and decision makers meet to develop their business.

We are delighted to be part of this event.

Beauty Jar at worldwide Expo 2020 Dubai

Beauty Jar at worldwide Expo 2020 Dubai 1440 1920 beautyjar

A preview of Beauty Jar stand during the Latvia’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai. Expo 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, started on 1 October 2020 and is now the place where new ideas are born, successful collaborations are forged and Latvia introduces the world to the offer of our entrepreneurs. We are very honoured to be there this year and to meet a wider audience.

Expo2020 Latvia logo

Beauty Jar Mēnesi!

Beauty Jar Mēnesi! 1080 1080 beautyjar

Mums ir lieliskas ziņas! Siberika @siberikalatvia veikalos un e-veikalā @biotude šī gada SEPTEMBRIS ir pasludināts par Beauty Jar MĒNESI! Vēl nebijušas akcijas, pārsteigumi un izdevīgi piedāvājumi! Priecēsim jūs KATRU NEDĒĻU!

Ar mīlestību Ražots Latvijā!

Ar mīlestību Ražots Latvijā! 800 800 beautyjar

Beauty Jar ir dabīgas kosmētikas zīmols! Mēs apvienojam dabīgas sastāvdaļas, roku darbu, “eco-friendly” pieeju, negaidītus, košus produktus un sulīgus aromātus. Mēs vēlamies ikkatram davāt smaidu un enerģijas lādiņu visas dienas garumā! Beauty Jar patīk izaicinājumi, tāpēc mēs ar mīlestību un degsmi sirdīs īstenojam dažādas lieliskas idejas, lai paplašinātu savu produktu sortimentu. Mūsu klāstā Jūs atradīsiet daudz interesantu produktu. Tādus kā: šķidros patčus acīm, vannas pulveri un kristālus, skrubjus un pīlingus lūpām, skrubi un eļļu uzacīm, cietos šampūnus un vēl daudz citu košu produktu.

Dārgais draugs, paldies, ka esi ar mums! ❤️Paldies par atbalstu un interesi!
Esam pastāstījuši par sevi… Un vēlamies uzzināt mazliet vairāk par Tevi! Pastāsti, kura ir Tava dzimtā pilsēta?!

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