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Color booster for blondes

Violet pigments, lemon & grapefruit peel oil, argan oil

You are holding the perfect finisher for bright blond hair. Violet pigments combat unwanted yellow and orange tones. Brightening citrus complex illuminates hair and removes dullness. Argan oil hydrates and helps to repair damaged hair.


2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel for everyone

Sea buckthorn extract and sage extract

For women, for men, for this hair, for that hair…sometimes you just need a good 2 in 1 product for everyone. Sea buckthorn is rich with nutritious components which help to recover damaged hair. Sage strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss.


Body wash

Birch extract and arnica extract

With very manly scent of forest this body wash will make you clean and fresh. Birch extract is considered to be real natural skin healer and skin energizer. Arnica is an antibacterial ingredient, which helps to soothe skin and reduce inflammation.


Youth-boosting toner

Centella asiatica and wild rose extract

Alcohol-free toner removes dirt, oil, makeup and other pollutants to promote glowing complexion. Wild rose containes antioxidant which help to keep skin younger for longer. Anti-aging centella asiatica increases collagen levels and skin hydration.


Dry body oil

Sweet almond oil, avocado oil and grapeseed oil

Seems like we speak the same beauty language! Oil blend of softening almond, nourishing avocado and moisturizing grapeseed infuse skin with vitamins and antioxidants giving it a healthy-looking glow. As a nice bonus, it leaves a delicate sunny scent on the skin.


Micellar water

Sophora extract and seaweed extract

Don’t be lazy to take off your make-up every night! Your skin will pay off with a healthy and fresh complexion. Micelles clean off dirt and sebum, while botanical extracts soothe skin and provide antioxidant properties.


Shimmering body lotion

Sweet almond oil and cocoa butter

You glow, girl! Glitter from this lotion literally adds radiance to your skin an makes you the brightest disco dancer. Sweet almond oil moisturizes and softens the skin. Cocoa butter improves skin elasticity and promotes healthy collagen production.


Body moisturizer

Coconut oil and shea butter

This body moisturizer is made with the finest natural skin care ingredients. Coconut oil can be used in million of different ways, but it is mostly famous for its moisturizing properties. Shea butter helps with skin healing, eliminates irritation and flaking.


Keratin hair spray

Keratin, silk & wheat proteins

Excessive use of heat, coloration and styling may damage your hair structure. That’s when you need an extra help of keratin. It helps to smooth hair out and make it thicker. Wheat proteins strengthen hair structure, while silk creates a protective barrier around hair. Enjoy your soft and bouncy hair!


Shower gel

Floral nectar and olive oil

Despite its romantic name, flower nectar has powerful antibacterial properties and helps to clean the skin. Olive oil is excellent for moisturizing and helps to retain moisture in the skin.


Hydrating toner

Cucumber extract and hyaluronic acid

Alcohol-free toner removes surface impurities and prepares your skin to absorb the best of your further skincare. Natural duo of cucumber and hyaluronic acid calm dry skin and make sure to prevent moisture loss.


Regenerating hair oil for split ends

7 botanical oils

Oh la la, what a mighty mix of botanical oils! Argan, jojoba, grapeseed, sweet almond, rosemary, geranium and rosewood oil will revive dry hair, prevent split ends and boost healthy hair shine.