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Allo, Aloe?

Hydrating shower gel

Aloe vera is the best moisturizing ingredient and everyone on earth knows that fact. Green coffee makes your skin elastic and tight. Read more…


Apple Smoothie

Softening shower cream

With apple and spinach extract. Why did Popeye the Sailor love spinach so much? Because spinach contains huge amount of B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin E – everything you need for health and beauty! A juicy apple is not only tasty, but also useful. Its extract contains natural acids that boost cell renewal. Your skin will be soft, smooth and with a faint scent of ripe apple! Read more…


Back To The Roots

Anti-hair loss shampoo

With vitaminized Procapil™ complex, sage extract and arnica extract.

Vitaminized PROCAPIL™ complex is a combination of 3 active ingredients:
biotinyl, oleanolic acid and apigenin. Triple effect strengthens the hair follicles, improves the transfer of nutrients and stimulates hair growth *. Sage extract restores hair structure and reduces hair loss. Arnica soothes the scalp and gives nice shine to hair.

* Effectiveness is confirmed with Sederma clinical testings. Read more…


Blonde With Brains

Shampoo for blond hair

Lemon saves your blond hair from unwanted yellow shade. Sweet honey is full of essential nutrients which feed your hair from root to the very end. Read more…


Blonde With Brains

Balm for blond hair

Lemon saves hair from unwanted yellow shade. Honey nourishes your hair from root to the very end. Precious jojoba oil is quickly absorbed and it immediately moisturizes the hair. Silk proteins smooth damaged hair and give them a beautiful natural shine. Hair balm works perfectly with the shampoo for blonde hair. Hair becomes soft, silky and easy to brush. Read more…




For everyday volume. With avocado and seaweed extract.

Bravo, avocado! Super fruit is packed with vitamins which nourish hair and brings back hair elasticity and vitality. Vitamins and minerals of seaweed nourish hair along the entire length, make it thicker, add volume and upbeat mood to your hair! Read more…



Hair balm

For everyday volume. Bravo, avocado! Super fruit is packed with vitamins which nourish hair and brings back hair elasticity and vitality. Do not lose your head over argan oil, put it on your head instead! It is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E. Olive oil nourishes hair bulbs and stimulates healthy hair growth. The hair balm nourishes hair without weighting it down, gives them softness and beautiful shine! Read more…

Best Seller

Bubble Gum

Foaming shower gel

Fruity-sweet scent transports your mind to the candy shop. Thanks to antioxidants pomegranate makes your skin young and pretty. Vanilla smells like candy and protects skin from dryness at the same time. Read more…


Citrus Fresh

Refreshing shower gel

With orange oil and grapefruit peel oil. Morning can be good! The pleasant citrus scent invigorates senses and the gentle foam cleanses without skin over drying. Natural antioxidants, orange and grapefruit, stimulate the synthesis of collagen, so that the skin is always toned. In addition, citrus combo cleanses and relieves minor inflammations. Skin will be soft and fresh all day! Read more…


Hello Beautiful

Gentle shower gel for sensitive skin

Lavender is love. It has detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, relieving and smoothing properties. Calendula softens and protects skin. Read more…



Intimate wash

For sensitive skin. To provide the most delicate cleansing of sensitive skin this gentle gel for intimate hygiene does not contain fragrances and dyes.
Calendula extract soothes and calms minor irritations. Aloe vera juice protects the skin from dryness and discomfort. The gel has a balanced pH level and is suitable for daily use. Read more…


Mon Amour

Perfumed shower gel

With peony and seaweed extract. Algae extract is considered to be an excellent moisturizer – it attracts water and keep it in the epidermis. The peony extract contains minerals and acids, which have a slight peeling effect. A floral aroma and thick foam turn daily showering into home spa. Read more…