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Aloha Hawaii

Gently exfoliating body scrub

Juicy, tasty, invigorating pineapple! It contains vitamins, polysaccharides and enzymes that promote natural renewal of the skin and maintain its elasticity. Sea salt small grains gently exfoliate and highly nourishing coconut oil makes your skin soft and velvety in seconds. Real bliss even for very delicate skin! Read more…


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Relaxing bath salt

Lavender calms nervous system and prepares your body for deep and healthy sleep, so make sure you don’t have any busy staff to do in the evening. Minerals from sea salt restore your skin, rejuvenate it and improve the tone. Read more…


Fitness Nuts

Firming body scrub

Cane sugar retains its useful natural properties because it is not processed. Scrub with cane sugar will improve the results of training, exfoliate and smooth the skin. Cocoa butter is full with fatty acids and antioxidants – elements which are essential for nutrition and moisturizing of skin after intensive training. The skin feels so good that even a cream is not needed! Read more…


Green Apelsin

Modelling body scrub

Wake up! And stimulate blood flow in your skin cells with green coffee beans. Orange has an enormous amount of vitamins which make your skin tight and elastic. Read more…


Little Mermaid

Just pure sea salt

Clean. Fresh. All natural. No fragrance. No colorant. No parabens. No SLS. No GMO. Nothing redundant. Only best minerals of pure sea and algae in your bath. Read more…


Love Is In The Air

Foaming bath salt for couples

Exotic pink salt softens your skin, making it really pleasant to touch.
Scent of floral nectar creates romantic atmosphere but be careful: such bath can fasten your blood circulation and take you on cloud nine. Read more…



Nourishing body scrub

With shea and cocoa butter. Prepare to experience true bliss! Natural mix of salt and sugar gently exfoliates the skin, making it soft and velvety. Nutritional champions, shea and cocoa butter, penetrate into the skin, moisturizing and saturating it with vitamins. Read more…


Sea Kissed

Rejuvenating body and face scrub

Sea salt is organic “skin-lifter” and “wrinkles-smoother”. Coconut oil can be used in 58 different ways but the most traditional one is for skin moisturizing. Read more…


Signor Tomato

Fresh body scrub

What a smell! It smells like a cherry tomato just picked from the branch. It has antioxidant effect and makes skin soft and moisturized. Basil oil is powerful anti-inflammatory agent, it cleans skin and makes it more even. Sea salt gently exfoliates while coconut oil deeply nourishes. Read more…


Vitamin Sea

Anticellulite bath salt

Mineral-rich sea salt restores your skin, rejuvenates it and improves the tone. Grapefruit contains enzymes, which are known to help break down cellulite and tighten the skin. Read more…