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Cherry Pie

Sugar lip polish

With sugar powder and cherry kernel oil. Sugar powder exfoliates dry skin in the gentlest way possible. Cherry kernel oil moisturizes lips and heals cracks. You not only have soft and smooth lips, which are ready for sweet kisses, but your lipstick will glide on better and lasts longer. Read more…


Creme Brûlée

Gentle scrub

For gentle skin. Coconut flakes and sugar powder are blended together for the most delicate cleansing. Weightless powder is the gentlest natural exfoliant. Coconut forms protective barrier making skin less sensitive. Read more…


Too Glam To Give A Damn

Jelly face mask with age-delay effect

With pink clay, rosemary and rose water. Pink clay is not only the most glamorous, but also the most delicate type of clay and is suitable for all skin types. Rosemary reduces puffiness, smoothes shallow wrinkles and brightens pigment spots. Rose water detoxifies skin and has a rejuvenating effect. Read more…


Under Control

Anti-blemish scrub for face

Tea tree helps oily skin to fight imperfections and provide shine-control. Bamboo powder gently exfoliates and sooth acne-prone skin. Read more…


Very Berry Spa

Face and lips peeling

Softening. With Vitamin C. A sweet-and-sour mix for soothing your face skin and lips. Pomegranate and rosehip enrich scrub with vitamin C while organic sugar gently scrubs away dead skin cells. Your skin looks and feels its absolute best, naturally. Read more…